Our Parochial Church Council (PCC)

St. Mary’s is led pastorally and in worship by a ministry team under the authority of our vicar.
We also have a Parochial Church Council (PCC) which is elected each year, at an annual Parochial Council Meeting (APCM), from the membership of our church. They make decisions about our church building, take responsibility for the finances, our mission, for safeguarding, and worship. The current PCC bring a wide range of talents and interests. The current PCC are:

  • The Vicar (at the moment this post is vacant)
  • Janet Twine (PCC chair and church warden)
  • Christine Sewell (PCC vice chair)
  • Lesley Gould (PCC secretary)
  • Iain Kitchener (church warden)
  • Nicky Smith (treasurer)
  • Merry Chapman (safeguarding lead)
  • Vic Twine
  • Ron Tomlin
  • Peter Ackleton
  • Ellen Couzens
  • Martin Sewell

Church Leadership

At the moment we are looking for a new vicar to lead us. But our wider leadership team includes 4 lay ministers, 2 church wardens, 1 pastoral assistant, safeguarding and DBS leads, a treasurer and a worship leader. 
The following will tell you a little more about the current office holders of our church including their roles and responsibilities.

The Ministry Team:


(We are currently in vacancy)
The vicar of St. Mary’s is half time paid post leading our ministry team and wider church. They are a priest and so unlike the lay ministers, can lead communion as well as preach, visit the sick, conduct baptisms and funerals. The priest of St. Mary’s has previously also had a role in St. George’s School.

Lay Ministers

Vic Twine (he/him)

Vic is a Reader so he leads services and preaches. He co-leads our toddler group, and manages our hall bookings. He represents us as a member on both the Deanery and Diocesan Synods. Beyond St. Mary’s Vic is a chaplain to the local ambulance service. Prior to retirement he was a specialist in medical pathology.

Lesley Gould (she/her)

Lesley is a Reader and leads services, preaches and takes funerals. She is also PCC secretary and co-leads the toddler group. In other ministry Lesley is a chaplain at the local Ellenor hospice. Her professional background was in hospitality, something we hope we do well at St. Mary’s.

Martin Sewell (he/him)

Martin is a Reader who leads services, preaches and plays in our music group. He represents us and the wider diocese on the national General Synod of the Church, to which he brings his considerable wisdom and experience as a former safeguarding lawyer.

Ellen Couzens (she/her)

Ellen is a Licensed Lay Minister who preaches and leads services. Outside of St. Mary’s she is chaplain to the ambulance service in Medway, and is a Lay Cannon on the Chapter of Rochester Cathedral. Professionally she is a qualified lawyer and experienced home educator.

Church Wardens

Janet Twine (she/her)

Janet is one of the two church wardens. She is a strong manager of the church, good with detail and, leads on maintaining the premises. Janet also sings in the music group. Outside of this role Janet is works for the National Trust as a ranger, and before retirement worked in medical pathology.

Iain Kitchener (he/him)

Iain is one of the two church wardens. He is the lead musician, represents the church on the deanery synod, and leads the children’s holiday club. Outside of church Iain is an experienced educator in higher education.

Pastoral Assistant

Julie Bowen (she/her)

As a pastoral assistant Julie has many years of experience in visiting those who need support, she also has a strong ministry of prayer. Her professional background was in nursing and geriatric care.

The Wider Leadership:

Safeguarding Team

Merry Chapman (she/her)

As the safeguarding officer Merry can be contacted by anyone who has concerns. (Please visit the safeguarding page for details) Merry ensures volunteers have a DBS and safeguarding training and keeps up to date on these issues to inform our best practices and policies. Merry currently works in food logistics and brings business skills to our PCC.

Vikki Couzens (she/her)

As the DBS lead Vikki carries out the process of checking the information and submitting applications for a DBS certificate. These are required for many of the roles within the church. Vikki has a background as a personal assistant and the building trade.


Nicki Smith (she/her)

Nicki is a professional accountant outside of her role with St. Mary’s. She maintains a record of expenditure and income, prepares the budget with the PCC, and ensures we are compliant with financial requirements.